Tic Tac Breath Mints

Enjoy a Tic Tac and get fresh breath for less than 2 calories a mint! Enjoy all the flavors of Tic Tac mints including Cinnamon Spice, Strawberry Fields, Fresh Mint, Orange, Sour Apple, Tangerine, Berry, Pink Grapefruit, Cherry, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Mango, Lime, and so much more. Tic Tac is sold worldwide and is a product of an Italian confection manufacturer called Ferrero. The brand has been a leading mint manufacturer for over 40 years, launching in the US in 1969. Tic Tac mints do not contain any ingredients derived from gluten containing ingredients, peanuts or tree nuts, or animal products. Find Tic Tac mints at your local grocer and find coupons with incredible savings here!

Tic Tac® Coupons

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