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Timberland is a large shoe company with a focus on outdoor type shoes. They offer a wide range of styles and sizes for men, women and children and now have everything from hiking sandals to steel-toed boots. They have a ton of options, styles and colors to choose from and carry many specialty shoes that are required in certain work environments, like health care or construction work. You can find tons of great deals to save on this favorite brand with shopping tips and tricks from our coupon experts. Make sure to always check our coupon and promotional code page before you shop to see if there are any extra online savings available.

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Save at Timberland!

Timberland is a rugged line of outdoors clothing, specializing in footwear. They are well-known for boots, shoes and other hiking gear and you can find some great deals with our best tips to help you save money on this favorite brand.

Discounts on Timberland Clothing and Shoes

This brand carries a huge range of styles, sizes and selection. You can find this brand for sale in some brick and mortar stores and the full collection on the Timberland website. They offer a newsletter and email sign up where you can get the most up to date news on promotions, coupons and savings events so if you are in the market for something new, you should sign up for that!

Like many brands, you can really save with sales and clearance. These deals can vary but can be a nice amount off the original price of the products. They offer sale products in all categories and then close out products with a final clearance. You can find the largest selection of clearance and sizes online but you may also come across some big deals in stores that are trying to get rid of product before the new styles arrive.

When you shop online, they offer a flat rate shipping. This is a great way to save if you are buying a lot! Even if you are only buying a little, the rate is pretty low but make sure to factor it in so you know the true cost of the deal you are getting. They sometimes even offer free shipping so be on the lookout for any promos!

Timberland products are sold in their own stores, outlet stores and then some uniform type shops and even Sears and Dicks Sporting Goods. Since some of these stores may have different savings opportunities and products, check to see if you can find what you are looking for in a store that offers discounts and savings. Sears is a good example of this. You may be able to find an even better deal there when you use a stack to save- a sale price, with a coupon or promotion could get you a super deal, possibly even better than a sale or clearance deal directly from the brand.

Timberland also has a lot of presence on Social Media. You may occasionally come across a coupon or promo that is only promoted through the social networks so if you really love this brand (or any brand!) I highly recommend following them on your preferred social media network. They may also do giveaways or offers for their followers which can help you save more!

Timberland Customer Service Information

Timberland offers an online contact form to report counterfeit products or to assist with customer needs.

They also have a toll-free number- 888.802.9947

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