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Toys R Us was started in 1948, by Charles Lazarus in Washington, D.C. as a baby furniture store. The store quickly began to offer infant products and toys for older children. Tricycles, books and other toys were then added. Today, Toys R Us, Inc. is the world’s leading dedicated toy and baby products retailer with stores throughout the US and internationally. The mission of Toys R Us, Inc. is to bring joy into the lives of its customers! Their philosophy is as follows: 'We will be the EASIEST place in the world to find solutions at FAIR prices for kids and babies because we are EXPERTS and understand the joys and challenges of parenting.'

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Save on Toys for Your Kids!

Save on Toys for Your Kids!

Toys R Us is a big-box store that has tons of toy brands. They carry a ton of products and have some great ways that you can save on toys and clothes. Toys R Us is headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey and has stores all over! Find all the ways to save right here.

 How to Save More at Toys R Us

Seasonal Deals and Sales: Toys R Us is generally on the higher sides with prices but when they have sales, you can find some really great deals. From October to January, you will see huge deals at Toys R Us and can pick up great gift items at a low price. This is the time to stock your gift closet and do all your holiday shopping. They tend to offer super prices during the holiday shopping season and always have a great Black Friday Deals. They also have some good back to school sales during the summer months where you can pick up supplies at a really deep discount. Check out these seasonal sales for some great prices and super deals, better than you may find elsewhere.

Coupons and online deal codes: You can find all the best deals right here! Check our store page for any great coupon codes or discounts that are available. Toys R Us often has great deals for a percentage off one item or a B2G1 FREE offer for example. You can find all the coupons or offers on our blog and we’ll make sure to keep you in the know when we come across a great savings opportunity.

Toys R Us Rewards: Some of the deals at Toys R Us require you to have a rewards cards and there are some nice perks. It’s free to sign up so you can grab one in the store and keep it with you or use your phone number when you shop in-store or online. They offer some great deals to rewards members- one example of a favorite sale of mine is B1G1 FREE batteries. They have a lot of promotions with the rewards program so make sure you sign-up with your correct information and make sure you receive the emails.

Toys R Us Emails: Sign up for e-mails to be in the know on all the best deals. This is a great program with some super deals and they don’t send a ton of emails so it’s not irritating. The deals they offer can be huge so it’s worthwhile to take advantage of them.

Toys R Us Clearance: I have found super deals on clothing at Toys R Us and sometimes the coupons they offer can be paired with these clearance deals to save even more. Occasionally they will offer an additional discount off clearance or a BOGO type sale on the clearance items. It’s a great way to pick up some expensive items for a lot less and get more for your money.

Toys R Us Credit Card: If you are interested in a store credit card, they have some nice perks. Like any store card, they have a high APR rate so make sure to pay it off each month to get the biggest benefit.

Toys R Us Price Match: Even though they have higher prices, they have an awesome price match policy and you can pick up some super savings taking advantage of this. Make sure to read the fine print to know exactly how it all works so you can easily price match when you go into the store.

Helpful Customer Service Info for Toys R Us

Toll-free hotline: 1.800.TOYSRUS

Toys R Us Headquarters
One Geoffrey Way
Wayne, New Jersey 07470

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