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WEN is a line of health and beauty hair products as well as a salon. They take a different approach to hair care than the usual routine of shampoo, condition, and blow-dry. Chaz Dean has been a hair dresser, stylist and colorist since 1986, and began to change his approach to hair treatment in 1993, when he decided against shampooing, which strips your hair of nutrients and causes damage. Beauty magazines and specialists will advise not to use shampoos and conditioners on your hair to preserve the oils and nutrients and promote hair growth and health, but with WEN products, you can use the conditioners and cleansers daily! WEN takes a natural and organic approach to his products and they are available in a variety of container sizes including gallons, 32 oz., and 6 oz. for cleansers and styling products. Learn how to use the right products for your hair whether you have fine hair, normal hair or thick hair through WEN’s instructional videos. You can purchase WEN hair products online or you can visit their salon in Hollywood, and Los Angelos, California at their two locations. WEN products are available for you and your pets. Get great coupons to treat your hair right.

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