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Wheaties is the “breakfast of champions”. Wheaties is a corn flake based cereal and was created by accident in 1921 by a health clinician. Wheaties has always been advertised and has supported sports teams. In the 1930s, Wheaties specifically became the “breakfast of Champions” for the Major League Baseball players. Forty-six of the 51 players that were playing in the 1939 Major League All-Star Game endorsed Wheaties. In the 1950s, the sponsorships increased and versified to Olympic champions. Wheaties spokespeople included Bruce Jenner, Bob Richards, Chris Evert and Mary Lou Retton. Wheaties has always been a healthy breakfast and helped to lead the way for endorsing a fit lifestyle. Save on Wheaties breakfast cereal today with coupons and savings tips below!

Wheaties Coupons

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