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Wonka is a family name. They are known for their candies. Wonka is geared towards kids. It is a fun, colorful engaging brand that brings fruit flavors and chocolates into inventive designs for a playful eating experience. Wonka candies include: Gummies, Pixy Stix, Gobstoppers, Runts, Mixups, Fun Dip, Nerds, Spree, Bottle Caps, Kazoozles, Shockers, Wonka Chocolate and Sweet Tarts. On their website they have a product locator that you can search by product name, flavor, size, distance and zip codes to find the closest store near you. Wonka products do include artificial flavors and sweetners and dyes for those with allergens. Save on fun candy for the kids for prizes or just a little treat every now and again. Coupons and savings tips are dished out below!

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