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Yoplait is a brand of yogurt that is focused on “so goodness”. They understand how yogurt can be a healthy part of your daily diet and wanted to create something that was just as good in your mouth as it is for your body. Yoplait also supports the fight against breast cancer and supports education through the box tops for education. Yoplait products come in a few different packages for on the go snacks or morning moments. Yoplait comes in a light, frozen, and Greek version. Yoplait smoothies are a nice after dinner snack with chocolate banana and chocolate strawberry flavors. They also make great breakfasts with their greek yogurt and fruit smoothies.

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Super savings!

Yoplait is the brand of yogurt that I remember from when I was little and I love all the different options they have now. They have everything from light yogurt with pie flavors to greek yogurt and squeeze yogurt! There are a lot of ways to save on this great brand so check out these tips if it is a brand that you love too. Yoplait falls under the General Mills umbrella so they are also part of the Box Tops program to help schools.

Finding Yoplait Savings and Coupons

Yoplait coupons come around on a pretty regular basis and the key to getting the best deal on this brand is by knowing prices. The products in this brand are constantly on sale so when you find the best price, stock-up with as many as you feel is reasonable. Since there are often sales, you don’t have to go too crazy but if this is something you eat every day, you can likely get a lot to use before they go bad. Always check expiration dates and find the longest available in the flavors that you like. I find that storing yogurts in order of when they expire helps me to make sure I don’t waste them. I just line them up in the fridge with the earliest expiration dates in front so I don’t have to check all of them when I grab one!

You can find Yoplait coupon in the Sunday Inserts, usually in the Smart Source circular. The coupons vary but are usually a dollar amount of a number of items purchased. There are also printable coupons available on a regular basis that you can find right here on our site. One trick that grocery stores use with the yogurt deals is a sort of marketing gimmick where they put the items on sale for something like 10/$6. This is where it’s important to know the best price and also know your stores requirements on purchasing all 10 items to get the deal or if you could purchase less and still get the same per item price. For me, a great deal on this brand is around $0.50 per yogurt or less before you pair it with a coupon. If you see it at this price, it’s a good deal and if you can save even more by pairing with with a coupon or store incentive, even better!

Store coupons are sometimes available too- I’ve seen them from Kroger as part of their digital coupon program and Target sometimes has store coupons for this brand as well. You’ll get the best deal on Yoplait by pairing a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon and a great deal.  Make sure to check out all the store’s incentive programs to see if there are any additional savings on this brand. Stores offer mobile coupons, register rewards, extra care bucks and more as additional savings. You may also find a deal from iBotta or Checkout 51 to save even more via a rebate app.

Yoplait Customer Service

General Mills, Inc.
P.O. Box 9452
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Phone: 800-248-7310

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