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zulily was started in 2009 by Blue Nile executives as a flash sales website. zulily's target market is moms who are looking for the best online deals from the best brands. zulily is a retailer obsessed with offering special finds every day, at incredible prices. They feature a trendy, fresh collection for the whole family, including clothing, home décor, toys, gifts and more. Their search high and low to offer top-quality brands to their members including familiar brands like Melissa & Doug, Crocs, and Lego. zulily is also passionate about finding new exciting brands that they feel provide great quality and savings to their buyers including Purple Pixies, ALEX and much more!

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If you love deals as much as I do, Zulily is a great place for you. This is a deal site that offers a variety of short-term daily deals where you can save a good amount on great brands and products. Check out my best tips for saving on this site.

Get a Great Daily Deal with Zulily

Zulily is a deal seekers paradise. They have a ton of daily deals that have a wide range of products available at any given time. You can save on the regular prices that you might pay for these items in store and find some great brands at super low prices. Zulily calls the sales that they have “events” and events last for a given period of time. You can see a countdown for the big events to start or when they end so you can be ready to jump right in when the sale starts.

One of my favorite recent sales on Zulily was for TOMS shoes. They had super prices and a wide variety of sizes but they went super fast! They did restock some items in the sale throughout the time it was available so one tip to find what you are looking for at Zulily is to check back often and keep checking on particular items that had been available but may show as gone. I have noticed with a lot of the sales that they availability of items in the sale changes pretty rapidly. This may have something to do with people putting items in their cart and not completing a purchase, or they may just parcel out the amount available to stretch out the popular items. Either way, I have found some sold out items available by checking for the item a day or so after it has sold out. If you do miss out on an item you really want, you can use the “notify me” feature and they will let you know if it comes back in stock for another event.

As with any daily deal type site, not all prices offer a great deal and you may be able to find another deal for a lower price or with better availability. It really will help you save more to know best prices and do a double check before you make any purchases. With smart phones, it’s super easy to double check prices and make sure you are getting a good deal. Before I shop any daily deal site, I always check to see if there is an additional coupon code or discount available to save even more. They may offer a discount of a percentage off or a dollar amount off or you may have a free shipping offer or flat-rate shipping available as a promotion.

One issue with Zulily is that they don’t house inventory so if your item doesn’t fit, you can’t exchange it. Keep this in mind when shopping and be very careful about what you purchase. They do work with you to keep help if you have received an incorrect or damaged product but otherwise, they are pretty strict on the no return or exchange policy. So, buyer beware!

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Phone: (877) 779-5615

Customer Service Email: service@zulily.com

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